Conventional Fire Alarm

Controller fire alarm 2 zone detector
2 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel AW-CFP2166-2
The AW-CFP2166 series conventional fire alarm panel is designed based on EN54 part 2&4 standard. And it is the central part of conventional fire alarm system, designed for applications requiring smoke...
  • The AW-CFP2166 series conventional fire alarm panel is designed based on EN54 part 2&4 standard. And it is the central part of conventional fire alarm system, designed for applications requiring smoke detector, bell, manual pull stations, and sprinkler supervision. Each zone can be disabled by a button. The basic unit offers 1 to 8 zones of initiation, up to 16 zones for larger applications.


Conventional Releasing Panel


Data Sheet

HCVR-3 Conventional Releasing Panel


• UL 864 and FM approved
• Three Zone Detection
• Any single zone or any combination of zones can be configured to release
• Fully programmable using simple menu options
• Simple, single board construction
• Installer friendly
• Compatible with wide range of detection devices
• Configurable first stage NAC delays
• Configurable detection delays
• Built-in Manual Release Switch and separate circuit
• Built-in Abort Circuit
• Compatible with FireNET Xtinguish
• Compatible with various releasing valves
• Configurable releasing delays up to 60 seconds in 5 second intervals
• Configurable releasing duration up to 5 minutes in 5 second intervals
• Releasing countdown timer displayed on the LCD
• Supports up to seven HCVR-SDU or HCVR-AB
• Built-in relays for Fire, Trouble, Stage 1, Stage 2,Extract and Local Fire



Conventional Fire alarm controller

HCA-2_4_8 and D Data Sheet

Conventional Fire Alarm & Releasing Panel

• UL864 9th Edition / NFPA Compliant
• Fully programmable using simple menu options
• Simple, single board construction Installer friendly
• Built-in two-line (16 Characters for each line) LCD display provides easy to read information
• 15 Key control buttons for easy programming, reset and silencing.
• Real time clock
• Event History log (256 events) with Date/Time stamp, which can be viewed from LCD display
• Compatible with wide range of detection devices
• 4 Programmable Supervised NAC outputs
• 6.5 Amp power supply
• Switchable 120/240VAC 50/60 Hz Power supply
• 5 Programmable output patterns for NAC circuits
• Gentex Sync Protocol Built-in
• Supports Releasing of Agents on HCA-4 & HCA-8 models
• Three programmable general purpose relays
• Dedicated alarm and trouble relays
• Built-in walk test feature Panel Dimension: 14.57" (W) x 15.47" (H) x 4.41" (D)
• Supports up to two 12V, 18Ah Backup batteries
• Supports one Remote Annunciator via RS-485


Sound Stroub Alarm

Low Frequency Evacuation | DataSheet

  • Nominal Voltage 24 VDC (12 VDC available on HEH)
  • Fixed Candela Options of 15, 30, 60, 75, 110, 177 and 15/75
  • Unit Dimensions: 5" high x 4.5" wide x 2.5" deep
  • Prewire Entire System, Then Install Your Signals
  • Super-Slide® Bracket - Ease of Supervision Testing
  • Checkmate® - Instant Voltage Verification
  • Lower installation and Operating Costs
  • Input Terminals 12 to 18 AWG
  • Switch Selection for High or Low dBA
  • Switch for Chime, Whoop, Mechanical and 2400Hz Tone
  • Switch for Continuous or Temporal 3 (not available on whoop tone)
  • Tamperproof Re-entrant Grill
  • Surface Mount with the HSB (Hochiki Surface Mount Box)
  • Synchronize Strobe and/or Horn by Using the Hochiki Synchronization Module (12 VDC product must use the AVSM Module)
  • Silence Horn While Strobes Remain Flashing
  • Wide Voltage Range 16-33 VDC or FWR
  • Faceplate available in red or off-white



Smoke detector Photoelectric

Photoelectric Smoke Detector |Data Sheet

  • Flat Response Photoelectric Chamber
  • Low Profile - Only 1.8" high (with base)
  • 2 or 4 wire base compatibility, relay bases available
  • Highly stable operation, RF/Transient protection
  • Low standby current, 45mA at 24VDC
  • Two built-in power/sensitivity supervision/alarm LEDs
  • Non-Directional smoke chamber
  • Vandal resistant security locking feature
  • Built-in magnetic go/no-go detector test feature
  • Removable smoke labyrinth for cleaning or replacement
  • Automatic Sensitivity window verification function meets outlined requirements in NFPA 72, Chapter 7, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
  • Compatible with SIJ-24 Ionization Detector
  • Backwards compatible with Hochiki SLK and SIH detectors



Fixed Temperature Heat detector

Fixed Temperature Heat Detector |Data Sheet

  • Choice of fixed temperature 135°F or 190°F
  • UL Listed ceiling spacing of 50' by 50' (2,500 square feet)
  • Self-Restoring
  • Heat element protected by a built-in guard
  • Contact Rating of 100mA
  • Highly Dependable
  • Latching LED base available



Manual Pull Station

Manual Pull Station/Single action with key lock |Data Sheet


  • Metal Construction
  • Enclosed switch with glass rod (included)
  • 10Amps @ 120 VAC
  • Single Action
  • UL, FM, CSFM Listed



Manual Pull Station

Weather Proof Manual Pull Stations |Data Sheet

  • Weatherproof Manual Pull Station
  • 10 A, 120 VAC contacts
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum housing
  • Neoprene sealing gasket
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Hex reset
  • Latching pull-down lever
  • Screw terminal connections


Reflective Beam Detector

SRA-24 (Discontinued)
Reflective Beam Detector | Data Sheet

  • Detector spacing from 25Ft-100Ft
  • Pulsed beam to reduce overall current consumption and improve the noise rejection characteristics
  • Small flat reflector provides ease for installation
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Fire detection sensitivity can be set to 20% or 30% obscuration


Project Beam Smoke detector
Projected Beam Smoke Detector | Data Sheet

  • Microprocessor-based for reliability
  • Simple setup & alignment with signal strength LEDs
  • Provides 60 foot on center linear protection at a range of 32.8 feet to 328 feet
  • Automatic compensation for signal drift or dirty lens
  • Three field adjustable sensitivity settings
  • Form A alarm and Form B trouble contacts
  • Calibrated filters available to verify sensitivity
  • Color-coded emitter and receiver labels for easy recognition


CSS2166-2 Conventional Fire Strobe Sounder
AW-CSS2166-2 Conventional Fire Strobe Sounder
AW-CSS2166-2 Fire Strobe Sounder is a kind of terminal device for alarm; it is used for the sound and light alarm when the fire happens.
 CSS2166-2 Fire Strobe Sounder is a kind of terminal device for alarm; it is used for the sound and light alarm when the fire happens

CBL2166-A-6 6 Inch Fire Bell
AW-CBL2166-A-6 6 Inch Fire Bell
The product is the fire alarm, a fire alarm device, generally used for more staff in public areas

The product is the fire alarm, a fire alarm device, generally used for more staff in public areas. In the event of an emergency situation is controlled by the alarm controller to trigger an alarm, one for each region under normal circumstances, be used for fire alarms, good warning sound effects.

Fire alarm internally by a 24V DC motor driven by the crankshaft and connecting rod bells, no relays work, work current, high reliability.

Fire alarm for supporting specific products and linkage fire alarm systems, when the system recognizes fire broke out by linkage control equipment to the scene

Explosion-Proof Optical Smoke Detector
AW-EXYT Explosion-Proof Optical Smoke Detector

AW-EXYT explosion-proof point type photoelectric smoke detector, which explosion-proof performance in line with GB3836-2000 series of standards, inspected by the state designated inspection units, and acquired explosion-proof certificate. 

AW-EXYT explosion-proof point type photoelectric smoke detector is suitable for 1 and 2 Zone hazardous locations which include Class Ⅱ A, B, C class T1 ~ T6 temperature group explosive gas environment
Product Features
AW-EXYT explosion-proof point type photoelectric smoke detector uses a new type of scattering technology and imported to electronic devices.
The reliability, stability and consistency are improved; Own a unique maze design, pest control, dust-proof and good anti-outside light interference performance; It has novel structure, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, moisture resistance and good chemical resistance.

AW-BK901-70 70 Reflective Beam Detector
AW-BK901-70 70 Meter Conventional Reflective Beam Detector
AW-BK901 Conventional Reflective Beam Detector has built in Laser beam pointing and Digital guide display for real user friendly alignment method. The Laser beam pointing accurately point the exact location where to mount mirror and with additional digital guide display allows to monitor and guide on the actual light intensity between the mirror and detector which cannot be seen by our naked eye making it more easy and convenient in alignment commissioning.

The AW-BK901 has four adjustable operational range of between 8 to 20, 40, 70 and 100 meters beside with three adjustable sensitivity setting ranges from 2.6dB to 4.8dB to meet the specific environmental requirement. The AW-BK901 works on the principle of reflective infrared beam obscuration. Used in conjunction with a reflector, it will notify the fire alarm panel when the infrared beam is obscured by smoke. Secure and quick communication through the onboard processor enables the detector to make its own decision and drift compensation resulting in greater automation.

The AW-BK901 is ideal for use high ceiling and wide areas such as warehouses, large storages, shopping malls, leisure centres, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, printing houses, garment factories, museums and prisons, as well as places where slight smoke particles or corrosive gas exist.
Feature and Benefits:

1. Manufacture in compliance with EN54-12;

2. Hassle free alignment, built with digital guide display and laser beam pointing;

3. Employ single-ended design through reflective mirror;

4. Four ranges wide monitoring from 8-100 meters via encoder;

5. Three users programming sensitivity adjustment;

6. Built-in microprocessor;

7. Self-diagnosis function can monitor for internal faults

8. Automatic compensation for factors weakening received signals, such as dust contamination, positional movement and ageing of the transmitter;

9. Fire and Fault interfacing relays;

10. Attractive and pleasing appearance;

11. Real User friendly alignment method.
Technical Specification: 

Conventional Manual Call Point:SB106

ราคา : 380 บาท
Conventional Manual Call Point:SB106

ชุดอุปกรณ์แจ้งเหตุเพลิงไหม้ด้วยมือ แบบกระจก  



SB106 Manual Call Point, Designed for Fire Alarm Systems and Security Alarm system.

Key Specifications/Special Features

  • Available for flush or surface mounting
  • Plastic film on glass
  • Test key inserted from side
  • Open circuit with series resistor
  • Suitable for the majority of conventional fire alarm systems
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